List of Catalysis Center Speaking Events

September 3, 2008: Distinguished Lecture Series
775 A & B Tan Hall from 12:30 to 2 PM
Prof. Johannes A. Lercher: "Selective Catalytic Conversion of Lignin"
Technische Universität München, Dept of Chemistry, Germany

April 11, 2008: Seminar, 8:30 to 10 AM in 775 Tan Hall
Roel Prins: "Hydrodesulfurization of 4,6-dimethyl- dibenzothiophene and its hydrogenated intermediates over metal sulfide and metal catalysts"

Feb 15, 2008: Seminar, 2 to 4 PM in 775 Tan Hall
Johannes A. Lercher: "Catalytic Synthesis of Amines via Reductive Processes"

September 7, 2006: Mini-Symposium
Dr. Isabel Di Cosimo: "Allylic Alcohol Synthesis by Gas-Phase Hydrogen Transfer Reduction of Unsaturated Ketones on Acid-Base Catalysts"
Dr. Stuart Soled:"Rational Approaches To The Synthesis of Supported Catalysts"
Dr. Mizuki Tada: "Surface Design for Selective Catalysis by Metal-Complex Attachment and Molecular Imprinting: Catalyst Preparation, Characterization, and Catalytic Performances"

August 30, 2006: Distinguished Lecture Series
Dr. Johannes Lercher: "Functional Characterization of Solid Acids and Bases"

August 16, 2006: Distinguished Lecture Series
Dr. Johannes Lercher: "Alkane activation by acid catalysts"

April 24, 2006: Distinguished Lecture Series
Dr. Sebastián C. Reyes: "Intracrystalline Diffusion Processes in 8-Ring Crystalline Microporous Materials: Window Size Effects"

December 06, 2005: Distinguished Lecture Series
Dr. Matthew Neurock: "Theoretical Insights into Acid Catalysis over Polyoxometalates"

November 18, 2005: Seminar
Dr. S. Ted Oyama: "True intermediates and spectators in reaction mechanisms: A kinetic and spectroscopic study"

November 11, 2005: Seminar
Dr. Robert J. Farrauto: "From the internal combustion engine to the fuel cell: Moving towards the hydrogen economy"

October 10, 2005: Seminar
Sotiris E. Pratsinis: "Particle Technology Laboratory, Institute of Process Engineering
Department of Mechanical & Process Engineering
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich)

October 07, 2005: Seminar
Friederike C. Jentoft: "Reactivity of promoted sulfated zirconia isomerization catalysts"

May 12, 2005: Distinguished Lecture Series
Dr. Jeroen Anton van Bokhoven: "Structure and Activity in Zeolites"

March 29, 2005: Seminar
V. A. Sadykov: "Reformation of gaseous and liquid hydrocarbon fuels into syngas at short contact times: design of monolithic catalysts and process parameters"

January 27, 2005: Seminar
Seong Ihl Woo: "Combinatorial Methods for Catalysis, Fuel Cell and Electronic Materials"

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October 29, 2004: Distinguished Lecture Series
Dr. Jens K. NÝrskov: "Heterogeneous Catalysis from First Principles"

September 16, 2004
Dr. Frank de Groot: "New x-ray and EELS spectroscopy techniques applied to heterogeneous catalysis"

May 04, 2004 (PDF unavailable at this time)
Dr. Janine Lichtenberger: "Catalytic Oxidation of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons over V2O5/TiO2 Catalysts"

April 27, 2004: Seminar
Jeffrey P. Greeley
"First-Principles Modeling of Chemical Reactions on Heterogeneous Catalysts"

March, 2004: Seminar
Dr. Charles A. Mims: "Heterogenous Catalysts - How Do They Really Work and Why Should We Care? Redox Processes on Complex Perovskite Oxides"

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November 13, 2003: Distinguished Lecture Series
Dr. Robert W. McCabe: "NOx Trap R&D for Diesel and Gasoline Lean-Burn Emission Control Applications"

October 13, 2003: Seminar
Dr. Jean-Pierre Gilson: "n-Hexane Isomerization on Pt/ZrO2-SO4: Roles of Acidity and Platinum "

April 25, 2003: Distinguished Lecture Series
Dr. Jon McCarty: "Methane Combustion by Supported PdO: From Fundamental Research to Commercialization and Back"

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