The Center will focus on the synthesis and characterization of new inorganic solids with surface texture and reactivity showing promise in heterogeneous catalysis.

The Center's mission is to provide a coalescing and learning experience for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows in diverse research groups dealing with the synthesis, characterization and use of catalytic solids with unique structure and function. In addition, the Center intends to provide a set of tools to increase the level of complexity and the research "nimbleness" that we can bring to bear on emerging problems in heterogeneous catalysis. The Center will provide modest seed funding, a broad and robust experimental and theoretical infrastructure, and the required logistical support to allow groups within the College to enter new areas in heterogeneous catalysis. These areas must represent:

  • an emerging opportunity
  • a truly new direction for the research group
  • a problem of sufficient complexity to require skills beyond those available in a single research group

The Center aims to provide a coalescing environment for undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral researchers and a nimble infrastructure that will allow us to move rapidly into new areas.

Enrique Iglesia
Professor of Chemical Engineering
Center Director