T. Don Tilley

Don Tilley

595 Tan Hall
Research Group

Research in the group of Professor Tilley is focused toward the use of inorganic and organometallic transformations in the synthesis of new materials. Much of this effort is targeted toward development of new heterogeneous catalysts, and the study of molecular-level control over evolution of solid-state structures. Structure-property relationships, derived from studies on catalyst performance, are used in the design of better catalysts. In one aspect of this effort, his group is exploring the preparation of catalysts for the selective oxidation of hydrocarbons. This strategy has been used, for example, to produce catalysts with impressive activities and selectivities for the oxydehydrogenation of propane. His group is also involved in the study of metal-catalyzed polymerization reactions, via mechanistic investigations and the design of new catalysts. Finally, homogeneous catalysts are being developed, based on fundamental studies in organometallic chemistry.