Quantachrome Autosorb-1, model #: AS1MP-LP

Contact person: Kyle Fujdala
Location: Latimer Hall, 525 (Tilley lab)

Autosorb-1 measures the amount of gas adsorbed or desorbed from a porous solid at a given pressure using pressure changes occurring within a constant volume. The instrument is equipped with two ports for sample outgassing and one port for sample measurement. Dinitrogen is the standard probe molecule used, but Ar and Kr can also be used for low surface area samples or for access to pores of small size (< 1 nm). The relative pressure range of the instrument is from 0.001 bar to slightly less than 1.0 bar. The volume-pressure isotherm data can be readily converted to BET surface area (single and multi-point) Langmuir surface area, pore volume, or pore size distribution (BJH method) using instrument software. The instrument can analyze the micropore region (< 2 nm) using various methods: Langmuir area, t-method, Alpha-s, Brunauer MP, Dubinin-Radushkevich (DR), Dubini-Saito-Foley (SF), DFT, and thermal transpiration.

The donation of this equipment by Quantachrome Corporation is kindly acknowledged.

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