Catalytic Microreactor I

Contact person: Larry Chen
Location: Tan Hall 379 (Bell Lab)

This catalytic microreactor unit capable of evaluating the performance of 10mg-2 g samples under both steady-state and transient conditions. The reactor and feed systems have pressure capabilities up to 50 bar. The reactor can be operated up to 600 °C and the lines before and after the reactor can be heated to 150 °C in order to handle condensable reactants and products. A versatile combination of switching valves accommodate transient switch experiments in which reactant is replaced by another or by an inert carrier gas. The unit can also be used for adsorption and temperature programmed experiments. In addition to a packed bed reactor with plug-flow hydrodynamics, this system also has a rapid-throughput reactor module capable of evaluating eight catalysts concurrently in both steady-state and transient modes. The analytical equipment consists of an HP6890 dual detector (FID/TCD) gas chromatograph with capillary and packed columns. The column-detector arrangements provide for quantitative analyses of all species expect H2 and hydrocarbons larger than C15.

This equipment was constructed with Center start-up funds provided by the University of California

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